Well, here it is. My blog cherry has been popped. What a momentous occasion. *SARCASM*

    In other news, I had a weird day today. First, I had to wake up and take my sister to the orthodontist. Normally, this would be rather boring, but this time, I went over to the nearby Golden Arches and had myself a country ham biscuit and a free coffee because of a coupon my mom gave me. Well, my grandfather wanted my two siblings to pick some blueberries at his place with my cousins this morning so I took my sister over there right after the ortho appointment. Imagine my disappointment when my cousins bailed and didn't bring my brother like they said they would. I had to go home and take him over to my grandparent's myself.
    I went home and relaxed for a while before picking them up after lunch. Then I showered and off to work I went! Only one problem though, the car. My dad recently got pulled over while driving it because the registration or tags or something was expired on it. To renew it, he had to have it inspected and any problems fixed. Not a big deal. He had it inspected and the only problem was that the front tires really needed to be replaced, but they passed the car anyway since it was the only thing that needed fixing. My dad has since been calling our normal place where we get a good deal to replace the tires with no positive results coming back from them. So the tires hadn't gotten replaced yet. Come back to today while I drive to work. I turn onto the road leading straight to work. It's not very busy and only the people going to the hotel or the restaurant really use it. Think of my dismay when the tire basically shreds itself right there. I call my dad and my boss and tell them what happened; my dad is on his way and my boss tells me to take my time.
    I then came to the problem of changing the tire. I go to the trunk where the tire is located and have to clear out most of the stuff in there to even get to the tire. Once I'm accessing the tire, it takes me five minutes to even get it out because my mom calls worrying about me. Thankfully, I get it out and begin to work. As I'm there struggling to get to get the nuts off the tire, a coworker stops by on his way to work and gives me a little help; this was the best thing he could have done for me. Simply put, a coworker's mom saw me in distress and, being cautious, pulled into the drive of the chiropractor across the street from me. Once she saw my coworker pull up, she came over and offered to help. She had a much better winch than I did and new what to do far better than I did. The coworker that had stopped to help left because he had to start work really soon and because the woman would be far more help than he could be. Once we have the spare tire on, we find out that it's completely flat. I pull out my air compressor and start to fill it while the nice lady calls her husband to ask him to bring by an air tank he had.
    While the air compressor was doing its work, I finally had a minute to talk to the woman. It turns out that she was the mother of one of my other coworkers. What luck! After a few minutes of talking, her husband shows up and finishes filling the spare tire. Then my dad shows up and takes the car off to replace the tires while I finally get into work 45 minutes late.
    I clock in and go into the staff bathroom to clean the dirt off of my face and hands and then get to work. I make sure I go by the couple that help me's table and thank them again for all of the help. Then life got boring for a while. Literally nobody came into the place for thirty solid minutes. The manager was in the middle of cutting half of the servers when over thirty people enter at the same time, fifteen of which are in a party. Thankfully, I only got a table of three people and another five minutes later with two. The table with three was some travelers from northern Virginia and were actually rather interested in me. After talking for a few minutes, I learn that the woman teaches programming and robotics for third to eighth graders. I'm instantly jealous of those kids because they get their hands on hardware I dream of being able to tinker with. We talk for a bit while I do small chores near them and they soon leave, giving me my best tip of the night.
    The rest of my shift goes by uneventfully and I go to the register to get my tips that people paid via credit or debit and I find that I had exactly $7.77 in register tips. It doesn't get more rare than that.
    I got home to find some beef stroganaff thing my mom had made earlier and I got to talk to my girlfriend before writing this. My day was fun!

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7/16/2013 15:15:56

It's good to see you back in on the blogging realm!

After going through the first paragraph or so, I finally understood the reason for you telling so much detail about the car. xD

Recording those stats would be a chore, I'm sure. I can't think of anything else I'd like to burden you with for them.

7/18/2013 01:24:03

Do you have a girlfriend?

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