You might have noticed that I haven't posted in a while(Probably not since I don't have any readers). This is mainly because I have been playing Terraria. If you look at my steam account, you will see that I have spent over 90 hours on the game in the last two days. This was mainly me learning the game and beating some bosses. I'm going to keep playing it and am currently am working on beating the Wall of Flesh. I'm going to be using a combination between the Star Cannon(I built a skybridge that allows me to find them easily) and a harpoon. On my last(and first) attempt, the WoF had about 1K HP when I hit the end of my path and died. This time, I will have 200 more stars and spend most of the fight with the star cannon. With these extra stars(200*55dmg=10,000dmg) I should be able to kill him much quicker.

If any of you would like to start world with me, I'm available most nights. Just mail me or friend me on Steam and I will do my best to have fun with you.

Too bad you're addicted to playing 2x Terraria and not to playing Minecraft. I'd love to see more activity on Nova Mundi.

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